​Cocoa Rock​ledge Garden Club


​     The Cocoa-Rockledge Garden Club was organized in the sun room of a cocoa house on March 27, 1927.  The club has continued to be involved in community and county projects. Members are afforded the opportunity to become better educated in the fields of gardening, horticulture, botany, floral design, landscape design and environmental  awareness. 

    Our  members also work on civic beautification projects within the community. the club supports camp Wekiva and assist with paying the way for our junior gardeners to go to camp for one week each summer. Our junior gardener programs meet monthly and instill a love of gardening and respect for the environment. 

    The club was federated in 1928. Our first flower show was held in the arcade of Delannoy street in 1928. During the following years meetings of the Cocoa- Rockledge Garden Club was held in the Library, old city hall and in private homes. The ladies of the club raised money and built the garden center located at the current location at  1493 Fiske Blvd. Rockledge in 1964. 

   During 1951-52, the club reorganized into four circles- Spade and Trowel, Green Thumb, Straw Hat and Sun and Sand. In 1982 the Dirt Dauber circle was formed. The circles reunited back to one club in 2012.

   The Club is a member of:

  • The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC) headquarted in Winter Park. 
  • The Deep South Region, which includes Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee and Misssippi
  • National Garden Club located in St. Louis, Missouri

   The garden club has received many awards and honors over the years. For example, awards for our flower shows, club of the year in the state and several leadership awards, state and national world gardening awards. 

   Our Club has had many accomplishments including working with the state of Florida  to declare the Indian River Drive North and South, Tropical Trail North and South as "Scenic Drives".

   The club maintains the Blue Star Marker on Route one and has instigated beautification projects in the surrounding public areas. The garden Club designed and landscaped the grounds of and the park adjoining the Historic Derby Street in Cocoa Village. 

   The club is responsible for establishing Bartram Trail markers, named after William Bartram, an early environmentalist who traveled the southeastern United States. Mr William Bartram also discovered the Longwing butterfly in Brevard Co., Fl. He published Bartram's Travels in 1791

    In 1980, FFGC past president Ban Blanchard designed the Bartram Trail Markers, these markers are placed on the routes traveled by Bartram. Mrs. Allan Crickshank, a Cocoa-Rockledge Garden Club member, was instrumental in placing three markers in Brevard County. In 1981, the first marker was placed off State Road 46 at Hatbill road, and 1984, two markers were placed and dedicated at the Canaveral Wildlife Seashore.