​Cocoa Rock​ledge Garden Club

Standing Committees


  • ​Brenda Wood
  • This Chairperson is responsible for being familiar with awards given out by the regional, state and national levels. Will assist any member interested in pursuing an award. 

Birds, Butterflies & Conservation

  • Joyce Forino (chairperson)
  • This committee keeps the  membersip informed about these spcies in general, conservation efforts to protect them and any pending legislation regarding them. 

Camp Wekiva

  • Betty Moxley
  • The committee works with The Cocoa-Rockledge Garden Club in sponsoring children to attend camp Wikiva Youth Camp.


  • Valerie Smith (chairperson)
  • This committee works to create the beautiful crafts that are sold at all of our events.

Civic & Environmental Concerns

  • Evelyn Fraley (chairperson)
  • This committee coordinates with the City of Rockledge and City of Cocoa on items relating to the Garden Club. 

Floral Design

  • Shirl Phillips (chairperson)
  • Floral design study, basic floral designs to encourage members to enjoy the beauty of flower arrangements. 


  •  (chairperson)
  • This committee works toward education of our membership of plants or techniques at our meetings. 


  • Pat Lopez (chairperson)
  • This committee is in charge of all social events sponsored by the club.


  • Louisa Kupper (chairperson)
  • This committee provides the routine maintenance to the building.


  • Betty Moxley
  • This committee provides the care and maintenance to our grounds.


  • Petro Dey
  • This committee is responsible for the upkeep of the membership rolls and introduction of new members to the club. 

Native Plants & Wildflowers

  • Laura Ennis
  • This committee informs and educates members about native plants. 


  • Gloria Ritter
  • Gathers submissions from members and other sources for a newsletter that is sent to our members six times a year.


  • Ingrid Breithaupt
  • This committee is responsible for finding members who wish to run for office. The offices of President, 1st and 2nd Vice president, recording secretary, and corresponding secretary are held for a 2 year term. Voted in each odd year. Treasurer term is unlimited. Parliamentarian, Chaplain, and Bylaws are appointed by the incoming President.


  • Cece Ford
  • This committee handles the publicity for the Cocoa-Rockledge Garden Club and events sponsored by the club. 


  • Phyllis Bourdon


Ways & Means

Rummage Sale

Garden Tour

Card Party

World Gardening

  • Phyllis Bourdon
  • Florida Garden clubs support four programs. This committee keeps Our Garden Club aware of the needs of these programs: Echo; World's Children; Natural disasters USA and Natural Disasters International. 

Year book

  • Betty Bartol
  • Reenie Bryan


  • Brenda Wood 
  • Carol Campus

Youth Gardeners

  • Ingrid Breithaupt
  • Youth gardening groups are composed of at least four members, meet seven times a year and must be registered with the FFGC youth gardening chairpersons. Though these groups, a child experiences the joys and excitement of gardening; learns about insects; works for the camperships to Camp Wekiva; and gains  the knowledge and pleasures of working with flowers pots, garden plots and flower arranging skills.